Food Prices Increase by 10-20% after Petrol Prices Hike

2018-01-11 - 8:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's market witnessed an increase in the prices of a large number of food products by 10-20% rate after good (Jayyid) and excellent (Mumtaz) petrol prices surged.

In a field poll conducted by local newspaper Akhbar Al-Khaleej, it was noted that most markets and shops raised the prices of fruits and vegetables prices between 10% and 15%, as the prices of watermelons, oranges and bananas increased by about 200 Fils/kg, compared with previous prices. Meanwhile, vegetable prices rose by a rate ranging between 15 and 20%, mainly the prices of onions, potatoes and carrots that increased about 150 Fils/kg, compared with previous prices.

As for fish, the prices rose by 20%, the net kilo increased from 2 BD to 3 BD (according to size).

The price of meat per kilo rose from 2.8 BD to 3 BD/kilo in some central markets. Meanwhile, the prices of local dairy products didn't change. Prices; however, are expected to change in future.

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